Extreme Makeover: New York City, 2050


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I heard about an interesting web project today: “Earth 2050,” which features detailed predictions by experts and futurologists for the years 2030, 2040, and 2050. It was developed by Kasperksy Lab, the global cybersecurity corporation, and allows people to create an account and add their own predictions and futuristic ideas.

I’ve just barely scratched the surface of what there is on the site, but wanted to share this wild (crazy?) prediction for New York City in the year 2050. The location is midtown Manhattan, specifically the southern edge of Grand Army Plaza at Central Park South, with a view of the Plaza Hotel on the right side. The top picture (below) shows this view of New York City right now, and below that is the exact same view in the year 2050 as envisioned by digital artist Akim Fimin. I love the sci-fi futuristic vision of Fimin, he’s an extremely talented artist, but this is calling for a pretty drastic architectural makeover for New York City. The Plaza Hotel remains fixed in time, a classic that endures “as-is” through the middle of the 21st Century … but check out the rest of midtown Manhattan! All of those other buildings are wiped out, replaced by futuristic architecture, and the (minimal) traffic is in the air, not on the street.

Kaspersky Lab Earth 2050

I don’t think midtown Manhattan is going to change this drastically in the next 33 years, but it’s still a fun website to visit and look around. It’s an interactive site, you can choose where you want to investigate throughout the world, and you can choose whether to visit 2030, 2040, or 2050 for most of the individual locations. There’s little green hexagons that you can click on to read more specific predictions for the future, there’s a futuristic soundtrack, and there’s all sorts of wild ideas in this site … check it out for yourself!

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