The Arts Adventurer and the art of underwater photography

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You may have noticed that I’ve added a new section to Artsology called “The Arts Adventurer;” it’s actually not new – I started it as a side project and separate website back in 2012. However, over time, I felt like I was neglecting all of the adventures I wanted to share because it was simply too much work to try to keep both Artsology and The Arts Adventurer going full steam ahead with new features on a regular basis.

So I’ve shut down the separate Arts Adventurer site and am in the process of rolling over the past arts adventures here, and will be posting new adventures on Artsology as they take place.

If you’re new to The Art Adventurer and wonder why there’s several scuba diving features on an arts-related site like Artsology, my answer is simple: the amazing and beautiful things that one can see while underwater scuba diving or snorkeling can rival the visual experience of even the best art museum, at least in my humble opinion. The colors and texture of coral (top left, below) can feel like an abstract expressionist painting, and the dots on a spotted trunkfish (top right, below) can give Roy Lichtenstein and Georges Seurat a run for their money.

The pictures below are mine, taken with a GoPro Hero 3+ camera while snorkeling in St. John. In addition to the descriptions of the top 2 pictures already given, I have a large brain coral in Trunk Bay at bottom left, and a blue discus fish next to a coral fan, bottom right.

underwater photography taken in St. John while snorkeling with a GoPro Hero 3+

Make sure to check back on our Arts Adventurer Home Page for more posted arts adventures soon. By the way, The Arts Adventurer is not just about scuba diving or underwater photography; it also covers topics such as architecture, street art and graffiti, historical adventures, and any sort of “art that doesn’t come with white walls and an audio guide,” the concept behind the original website.

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