Magritte and video games

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The New York Times had an article on video games the other day, and the illustration by Brandon Celi that accompanied the article (below left) gave me a knowing laugh. I say this because it was clear right away that he was making a visual reference to Rene Magritte’s painting “The Human Condition,” 1933, as seen below right. The tv screen whose imagery matches the seascape outside the door is a playful take on Magritte’s canvas on an easel which matches the landscape outside the window.

The basic message of the Times’ article was that video games are not addictive and should not be compared to other addictions, such as drugs or alcohol. They write specifically that “the risk here, of course, is that by treating the immoderate playing of video games as an addiction, we are pathologizing relatively normal behavior.”

Our viewpoint is: if your kid is going to play video games, why not have him or her play Artsology’s art games, and get some exposure to the arts at the same time!

Brandon Celi illustration takes inspiration from Rene Magritte

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