Creepy Easter Bunnies and their art history counterparts

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I noticed a wave of “creepy Easter Bunny” memes pop up around the time of the Easter holiday, and seeing some of these creepy and/or awkward Easter photos, I recognized some similarities with various figures and famous images from art history. Check out our composite image below, in a clockwise order from top left: an Easter bunny who has a Salvador Dali-style mustache; an Easter bunny whose large dark pupils bring to mind this James Ensor mask; another James Ensor mask whose narrow slits for eyes feels a little similar to this creepy buck-toothed bunny, and lastly, a pair of twin bunnies putting the squeeze on a kid brings to mind Diane Arbus’ famous twins photograph. Enjoy the holiday, and don’t get creeped out!

creepy easter bunny images and art history counterparts

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