Snow day: feels like an Olivo Barbieri photograph

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It’s a massive snowstorm that’s taking over the northeast coast today, we’ve got at least 6″ of snow already at 9:30am, with a projection of another 12-15″ of snow coming … and it occurred to me that the Italian artist and photographer Olivo Barbieri’s series of photographs from the Alps seems like a good analogy as to how it feels around here today. If you are also caught in the midst of this massive snowstorm, rather than climb a big mountain of snow like these people below, why not just stay in and stay warm with some arts games? Or print out some games for the kids?

Pictured below is “Alps, Geographies and People #18,” 2012, by Olivo Barbieri. For more on this artist, check out his website here.

Photograph from the Alps series by Olivo Barbieri

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