Folded t-shirts on the wall: Ryosuke Kumakura

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I saw this pair of folded t-shirts at the NADA Art Fair about 10 days ago … they’re oil on canvas paintings by Ryosuke Kumakura, on display at the booth of Patron Gallery from Chicago. Kumakura was born in Japan, but currently lives and works in Brooklyn. I’m trying to find out what the significance of the t-shirts are … he’s also made paintings of socks and handkerchiefs, among other things, but I can’t find any write-up on either his site or his gallery’s site as to why these materials are his subject matter. Maybe it’s autobiographical, a diary of his possessions and surroundings? I don’t know … seems hard to believe that I can’t find any analytical writing about his work online, but I can’t. If you know anything about his work and would like to share, please do so in the comments below.

oil on canvas paintings by Ryosuke Kumakura

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