A darker Gauguin: art by Alan Prazniak

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I saw some paintings by Alan Prazniak at the NADA Art Fair, and there was something about this one in particular that felt like a darker, people-less Gauguin … I think a big part of the Gauguin feeling is that the texture of the canvas (or is it burlap, as Gauguin sometimes used?) comes through the paint, so the painting has a strong tactile presence.

painting by Alan Prazniak

Since I’m making the comparison to Paul Gauguin, I should show you a few Gauguin landscapes, so you can make your own judgement. Below left is “Tahitian Landscape,” 1891, and below right is “Landscape from Tahiti (Apatarao),” 1893.

landscape paintings by Paul Gauguin

I can’t find the title for Prazniak’s painting, but you can see more of his work here. As you will see at that link, not all of his paintings are dark, and not all of them look or feel like Gauguin … it was primarily my reaction to this one painting above … but I do like the work and would like to learn more about this artist. I find it a little surprising, though, that the artist’s website doesn’t give any information about the artist – no bio, no explanation of the work, no mention of gallery representation … but it is a beautiful collection of paintings.

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