A new Bladerunner movie? Yes! Sculptural reference? Yes.

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I had vaguely heard something about a Blade Runner sequel, which surprised me on two counts: one, the original was made in 1982, and a 2017 release date would make for a 35 year lag between movies. Two, Harrison Ford, star of the original, is now 74 years old … does he still have what it takes to “retire” replicants?

At any rate, I saw a trailer, which has been released 10 months in advance of the October 2017 premiere, and one of the opening scenes gave me an art reference flashback. See this image of Ryan Gosling’s Officer K character approaching a massive sideways sculptural head? It reminded me of Igor Mitoraj’s “Eros” (pictured below the movie trailer still image), a sculpture installed outside of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Could there be a little science fiction inspiration taken from Mitoraj’s original? Perhaps … but for those of you out there who are more Blade Runner fans than art fans (I guess I’m both), scroll down and check out the trailer. I have to admit, it was one of my favorite movies as a kid, so I’m pretty excited to see a sequel, even if I never imagined there would ever be one. (I’ll have to share with you my own comic book sequel, made as a teenager, some other time …)

Blade Runner trailer and sculpture by Igo Mitoraj

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