Mark Rothko at Pace Gallery

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If you’re a fan of Mark Rothko’s paintings and live near NYC, you should try to get in to see the exhibition Rothko: Dark Palette at Pace Gallery on 25th Street, which opened last week and runs through January 7th, 2017. Scroll down for more info below the picture …

Mark Rothko paintings featuring dark colors

The exhibition features a series of canvases that shows Rothko’s expressive use of dark colors from the mid-1950s through the 1960s. Deep reds, blacks, and grays are predominant in this collection of paintings that includes works on loan from museums as well as private collections. It certainly feels like a museum show, between the number of major works present (22 in total) along with the roped-off lines to get in and security guards to keep an eye on things. In some ways it could be considered a museum show, because none of these works are for sale, according to the gallery. It’s a public service, in a way, for Pace Gallery to put together a show of this magnitude and have it open (free) to the public for 2 months … I certainly appreciate opportunities like this.

Mark Rothko Dark Palette at Pace Gallery

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