Diving Bell in Zingst, Germany seems straight out of a Myst Game

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Once again, my Windows 10 software on my laptop computer threw out a new lockscreen image that really grabbed my attention, and once again, it proves challenging to find both on my computer and on the internet … but persistence is one of my better traits, so here it is: (scroll down for more)

Zingst Germany Diving Bell Windows 10 Lockscreen

When I saw this, my first thought was: “this seems like something out of a Myst Game, like Myst Riven, or Myst Exile … it can’t be real. But it is – it’s a diving bell off a dock in Zingst, Germany. You can find a lot of different images of the same diving bell in Zingst on the internet, I just couldn’t find the Windows 10 lockscreen until I came across this tutorial on how to find them. As I mentioned on my last blog post about Windows lockscreens, I just don’t know why Microsoft makes these beautiful images so elusive.

At any rate, back to my thought that this was something out of a Myst video game … here’s a few comparison shots featuring both pictures of the diving bell in Zingst and the architecture in Myst games. See what I mean? It makes me want to dig out my old Myst PC games and explore those fantasy worlds again … the unusual architecture was always part of the allure for me.

Compare Zingst diving bell to Myst game architecture

11 thoughts on “Diving Bell in Zingst, Germany seems straight out of a Myst Game

  1. Yes, I ended up here on the same search! I don’t know why Microsoft makes it so hard to find their photos. I’ll try the link you posted. Thanks SO much for posting the photo. As a previous post said, my bucket list is definitely growing because of the Windows 10 Lockscreen photos!

  2. Yes as far as to a growing bucket list thanks to the Windows 10 lockscreen photos. Myst! I loved those games! Unfortunately, I don’t believe they will run on Windows 10 since they were written for such older operating systems. I loved the architecture in those games too! I had almost forgotten them. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I’m was quite curious about this myself. Thanks for sharing. Now I’m looking for English travel sites with info about this destination. It’s so off the beaten path that the only useful info I’ve found is in German.

  4. This popped up on my screen this morning and a Google search brought me to your site. As I don’t seem to be the only one it makes me wonder … could Microsoft be making these images so elusive as a way of bringing more websites to the attention of searchers? Is Bill Gates being really altruistic here and helping bloggers and the like out? Hmmm …

  5. It’s quite helpful having become fluent in German. This is part of a resort in Zingst. Very cool, definitely agreeing with the bucket list comments above.

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