Native American Indian stone art …?


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I posted the other day about a woman who sent me a picture of a rock that she had found, asking for clarification about petroglyphs and pictographs … she had mentioned at the time that she had found several interesting pieces in and around Henry County, Tennessee, but that no one can identify them.

Here’s another picture of one of those other pieces, below left. She thinks it could be a “face effigy,” and based on this photograph below right (which I found online) showing a known Native American Indian artifact, it seems like it could be … they’re both about the same size, and the way that the eyes and jaws are carved has some similarities.

Our picture-submitting friend said: “I have been studying Henry County history and collecting artifacts that many others have called ‘just rocks’ … I have been doing this for two years now.” If anyone out there can share any info or insight on the white and gray piece below left, please share in the comments below.

rock art found in Henry County Tennessee

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  1. I have several of the same. It is the “one eye open one shut/closed” deity figure. I believe that I found some information about the same type of figure was found in France and other places.

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