Native American Indian stone art …?


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I posted the other day about a woman who sent me a picture of a rock that she had found, asking for clarification about petroglyphs and pictographs … she had mentioned at the time that she had found several interesting pieces in and around Henry County, Tennessee, but that no one can identify them.

Here’s another picture of one of those other pieces, below left. She thinks it could be a “face effigy,” and based on this photograph below right (which I found online) showing a known Native American Indian artifact, it seems like it could be … they’re both about the same size, and the way that the eyes and jaws are carved has some similarities.

Our picture-submitting friend said: “I have been studying Henry County history and collecting artifacts that many others have called ‘just rocks’ … I have been doing this for two years now.” If anyone out there can share any info or insight on the white and gray piece below left, please share in the comments below.

rock art found in Henry County Tennessee

5 thoughts on “Native American Indian stone art …?

  1. I have several of the same. It is the “one eye open one shut/closed” deity figure. I believe that I found some information about the same type of figure was found in France and other places.

  2. I am in Northern California. I am a rock hound since the age of 10, I am now 40+. I have found hundreds of these faces walking the rivers as of late. I try to walk everyday to find a stone treasure of some sort. In the last two years I have found things that blow my mind. I have researched and found nothing. I am at a loss. Please … some of these are so human that the artist has caused me fear when they are looking back up at me. The stones vary from chute to meteorite. I am in awe.

    1. If you’d like, please share some pictures (via e-mail on the contact page) of the ones that you find the most-intense, this sounds pretty amazing. We can post them on the blog and see if anyone has any information.

  3. Finally!!! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who was seeing them. I have rocks that actually tell stories. Personally, I believe that rocks were how early mankind communicated. I have found rocks that have faces every way you turn them. An angry face to an animal face depending on how you hold it. Linda, I have some that will make the hair on your neck stand up when you look at them.

  4. My dad has found many rocks like this in his backyard in Northern California. Lots of human and animal effigies. We are trying to collect, catalog, and learn as much as we can from them based on the similarities we see from piece to piece.

    We also believe it was a way for early mankind to communicate. We think they were likely used to teach hunting and tracking skills, to tell stories during the long winter days, for toys for children to play with, for decoration, to identify family groups or tribes or ranks within a tribe, and possibly for spiritual tools as well. But all is speculation at this point.

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