Mother Nature as a pointillist artist


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I was walking the dogs the other day and it was shortly after we had a light rain shower. I first noticed the raindrops on a red leaf, below left, and was amazed by how evenly spread out they were without dripping off the edge into the grass. This, of course, then heightened my awareness of where else I could find interesting rain drop patterns, and I found a few more. In the middle, below, we have raindrops on the hood of a Mercedes; and below right we have a nice straight line right down the middle of the leaf on a sedge plant. Scroll down for two more – my favorite one is below left, raindrops on a spiderweb stretched across some pachysandra, and then one more below right on a regular leaf.

raindrops looking like pointillist art

mother nature as a pointillist artist

One thought on “Mother Nature as a pointillist artist

  1. Grande è una grande ispirazione per quegli artisti che lavorano con la tecnica del pointillismo, è una tecnica che ci mostra un altro modo per vedere i colori, se vedete da qualsiasi angolazione potrai apprezzare i colori perfettamente, luminosi e puliti in quanto non gli artisti che lavorano con esso devono avere una buona precisione, amo gli artisti come Vincent van Gogh, Gabino Amaya Cacho e Manuel Endara.
    (translated to the best of my ability to English:)
    This is a great inspiration for those artists who work with the technique of pointillism, it is a technique that shows us another way to see the colors. If you see from any angle you will appreciate the colors perfectly, bright and clean as not the artists who working with it must have a good precision, I love artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Gabino Amaya Cacho and Manuel Endara.

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