Art found in food


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Okay, I know you’re going to call me crazy on this one … yes, I was guilty once of “finding” the Mona Lisa on a Dorito (with the help of Photoshop, of course), and yes, I once took some food from the refrigerator and made my own Arcimboldo food face, but today I was boiling eggs, one of them cracked, and it finished boiling with this funky shape.

So of course I had to photograph it from different angles, and once I downloaded them and saw the 3rd one up close, the image (in the black square reminded me of something.

cracked egg boiled into a weird shape, photographed here

So as I looked at it closer, it reminded me of a gargoyle from the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris … what do you think? Hold on, there’s some guys with a padded truck who just pulled up in front of the house …

boiled egg that reminds me of a gargoyle from Notre Dame

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