A behind the scenes look at the making of a Rick Lazes sculpture

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We were recently introduced to the sculpture of Rick Lazes, who is based in North Carolina. He has a recent series of work called “The World Is Bending…” in which the works are made out of beautifully crafted hardwoods (oak, walnut, and cherry) and are bent into arched forms using a steam bending technique which Rick has perfected in his studio.

profile of the sculptor Rick Lazes

At first, the work might look a bit simple, but one can quickly pick up a number of visual references: long evergreen sedge leaves overlapping each other; a musical notation for G clef; a third view reminds me of Brancusi’s Bird in Space with 2 other swooping birds … the interpretations are endless.

We thought it was pretty interesting to get a look behind the scenes, and to see Lazes and his studio assistants actually build a sculpture from start to finish. Check out the video below, and for more info, check out Rick Lazes’ website here.

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