The Mondrian Woman will guide you now

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Let’s try to wrap our brains around this one: take an early modern painter (Piet Mondrian), take his art style and put it on clothes for a virtual woman who acts as your personal GPS system in your super-futuristic car. Sound good? Well, it would seem that’s exactly what Toyota is preparing for us. In doing a little research on the Toyota Fun VII “sculpture on wheels” that we profiled in our last post, we came across this fascinating video, below. It would seem this car is even more futuristic than we ever imagined from what we saw in those photos.

virtual woman dressed in Mondrian painting clothes in a Toyota Fun VII

The 13-foot-long car’s interior and exterior are blank digital slates for whatever imagery you would like to wirelessly paint onto them. And you get this holographic “navigation concierge” lady with her multiple outfits – including this Mondrian get-up – to guide you as you’re driving. Talk about a video game/smart phone on wheels … that’s what it seems like! Watch the video and be amazed.

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