Gagosian’s building with a hole in the middle

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I was having a conversation with an architect yesterday, and somehow the topic of Larry Gagosian’s art galleries came up, and then the architect got excited and told me about a gallery and living space that Gagosian had built in Venice (CA) some 30 years ago, “with a courtyard that had a circular hole looking up to the sky.”

With a description like that, it’s hard to ignore, so I started to look into it for my curiosity’s sake. There’s not a whole lot I could find, but did see this picture of the courtyard on the architect’s site (Studio Works, with chief architects Robert Mangurian and Craig Hodgetts). It looks spectacular, but then I saw a picture of the front of the building, below left, and it looks like it’s wedged in between some non-descript warehouses … and I was trying to reconcile how the courtyard would be situated in regards to a building like this. Enter satellite photography, which shows the aerial view, below right. Considering this building is just a few hundred yards away from Venice Beach, why would Larry ever leave?

On a little side note of name-dropping, I found out that Gagosian later sold this building to Andy Summers, guitarist from the rock band The Police.

courtyard of former Gagosian home and gallery in Venice, California

Gagosian Gallery in Venice designed by Robert Mangurian and Craig Hodgetts of Studio Works

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