Real person, or more hyper-realist sculpture?

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Our last post with the security guard was definitely a hyper-realist sculpture, but what about this art work/installation at the 2012 Armory Show? Is this woman real, or what? Most of the other viewers in the area also had to step in close to try to determine the answer to this question. I watched her closely for a while, and she didn’t move a muscle … no sign of breathing, no movement whatsoever. But looking at her face, and especially the skin on her hand (below right), she seems very much a real person … but just really good at holding still!

I later found out the piece is called Bed for Human Use, by Serbian artist Marina Abramović. I wonder how long this woman stayed still?

Marina Abramovic Bed for Human Use at the 2012 Armory Show

Marina Abramovic sculpture and performance piece Bed for Human Use

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