Op Art in the NBA

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As I was watching the latest installment of “Linsanity” last night, I noticed something on the basketball court that kept messing with my eyes. For those not familiar with “Linsanity,” it’s the New York Knicks’ new star, Jeremy Lin, who graduated from Harvard, made the NBA despite not being drafted, and was cut by two teams before landing with the Knicks. He’s been averaging over 20 points a game in the 6 games that he’s played, leading the Knicks to victories in each of the games in which he’s started.

But back to the optical illusion at play last night: the Toronto Raptors, whom the Knicks were playing, have their team named painted on the baselines of their court in a way that looks like it’s a folded and upright-standing logo when seen from the tv camera’s angle. Seeing it on the tv, one is made to feel like the players are eventually going to crash into this object right underneath the basket, but of course they never do. Below, the top picture shows what it actually looks like flat on the court, and below that are 2 screen shots showing the optical illusion as seen from the regular tv camera angle. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

NBA Toronto Raptors have 3-D optical illusion art painted on their court

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