Richard Serra exhibition in NYC


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We made it into NYC this morning to see a few gallery shows, and one of the exhibitions we wanted to share with you is the Richard Serra exhibition at Gagosian Gallery on West 24th Street. The show features two recent works, Cycle from 2010 and Junction from 2011. Both of them are almost like mazes, as one can enter them and follow the path with so many curves that you lose sense of where you are.

Richard Serra sculpture at Gagosian Gallery
Richard Serra sculpture at Gagosian Gallery

As you can see by the overhead shot at right (taken at an outdoor installation at some previous time), the sculpture is something that one walks around and through and has some tight spaces. On the gallery press release, Serra mentions: “I consider space to be a material … I attempt to use sculptural form to make space distinct.”

Another amazing thing about these sculptures is their surface: despite being weatherproof steel, their rusty-colored surfaces appear soft like velvet (although one is reminded by the security guards to not touch the sculpture); there’s variation and different gradations of color and texture in these massive steel shapes (both are approximately 14 feet tall).

If you’re in the New York area between now and November 26th, try to get over to see this show. For more information, check out the Gagosian Gallery website.

overhead view of a Richard Serra sculpture

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