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Coloring Pages of Mesoamerican Art

A collection of printable coloring pages featuring Mesoamerican art. All images are based on actual art made by the Mayans, Aztecs, and other Mesoamerican cultures. Click on the picture to get a full screen image, which you can then print out and color!    

Based on a Tlaloc effigy

From the Great Ballcourt relief at Chichen Itza

Based on a cave painting at Oxtotitlan

Based on symbols in a Mayan calendar

Mayan emblem glyph representing Yaxchilan

Jade mask for Monte Alban King

Detail from wall painting in tomb at Rio Azul

Based on a face on a Mayan vessel

Toltec Warrior Sculpture

Huastic Death Diety

From a wall painting at Tulum

Based on an Aztec eagle warrior

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