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Please note: games with the red "f" Flash logo indicates the game works best on a desktop computer with a browser that supports Flash technology.

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control the morphing shapes that make Munch scream - interactive art game

Why Munch Screams

Control the morphing shapes that make Munch scream!

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The Art Recognition Game - an art history version of hangman

Art Recognition Game

An art history version of hangman featuring famous artists.

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The Advanced Art Recognition Game - a level 2 art history version of hangman

Advanced Art Recognition

An advanced, level 2 art history hangman game featuring contemporary artists.

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The Water Balloons at Carnegie Hall game

Carnegie Hall Balloon Game

Stop the prankster from throwing water balloons at the orchestra!

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The Huck Finn River Adventure Game - guide your kayak down the river

Huck Finn Kayak Game

Guide Huck Finn down the river in his kayak!

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The art history famous painting spinner game

Art Spinner Game

Spin the famous paintings and score points for a match!

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interactive digital art game where you control Salvador Dali's eyes

Salvador Dali Eyes

Salvador Dali, master of Surrealism, can't believe his eyes!

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Play the Salvador Dali Hangman arts game

Salvador Dali Hangman

Try to guess the word describing the Salvador Dali painting.

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interactive digital art game called Art Debris

Art Debris Game

Move the art particles to make digital art patterns!

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The Frans Hals Ring Toss Game

Frans Hals Ring Toss

Toss the white collars with Frans Hals and friends.

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Montmartre Graffiti Match Game

Graffiti Match Game

A match game featuring graffiti and street art from Montmartre, Paris

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art games for kids to name the historical figure in the painting

History Match Game

Can you identify the famous historical figure in each portrait painted by these artists?

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arts game for kids: Edward Hopper Puzzle

Edward Hopper Puzzle

Scramble and then piece back together a painting by Edward Hopper.

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art games for kids, finding all the animals within this portrait by Arcimboldo

Arcimboldo Fish Face

Guiseppe Arcimbolo has painted a portrait filled with sea animals - find them all!

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The Jazz Musician Nickname Game

Jazz Nickname Game

Can you guess which jazz musician nicknames are the fakes?

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