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A-Rod in Art History

A friend sent us the picture, far right, of Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez, who was getting ready to feed the parking meter when he realized there was someone about to take his picture. Seems pretty funny that a guy who is out in the public all the time, playing baseball in front of thousands of people every day, suddenly gets a little camera-shy and tries hiding behind something like a parking meter.

Sure enough, the website where this picture was posted then had a slideshow of images where they placed "hiding A-Rod" in multiple situations. We decided to give this picture an art historical slant, and see where A-Rod has been hiding out in a collection of famous paintings.
A Rod hiding behind a parking meter

Alex Rodriguez hiding in Edward Hopper's Nighthawks
A-Rod in Edward Hopper's Nighthawks.
A-Rod in Manet's Olympia
A-Rod in Manet's Olympia.
A-Rod in Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want
A-Rod in Norman Rockwell's Freedom From Want.

Alex Rodriguez hiding in Jacques Louis David's Oath of the Horatii
A-Rod in Jacques Louis David's Oath of the Horatii.
Alex Rodriguez hiding in Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus
A-Rod in Sandro Botticelli's Birth of Venus.

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