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We've got 80 arts games spread out over 6 pages, and 83 arts investigations which can be used as ArtsEd resources for the classroom, homeschooling, or just for fun and interest! Also, make sure to check out our exclusive series, The Arts Adventurer! Below are a highlighted selection of games, features, and arts adventures:

New game: Mondrian Squares Challenge Game

Play the Mondrian Squares Challenge game

Challenge Piet Mondrian to a classic game of "dots," and see who can paint the most squares on his canvas. Play Now!

Living across the street from a Frank Lloyd Wright house

exterior view of Stuart Richardson house in Glen Ridge, designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright

A look at a residential home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Read more ...

New game: Search for Picasso

arts game for kids: Search for Picasso

Take a virtual walk through Montmartre looking for Picasso's studio, with a whole cast of characters as part of the journey ... Play Now!

Art lesson on negative space featuring Kehinde Wiley and Jacques-Louis David

An art lesson on negative space featuring Kehinde Wiley and Jacques-Louis David.

Click here to see more ...

Surrealist Frogger

The classic Frogger game, but updated with Surrealist art

Arcade-style game featuring Surrealist art - click the image above to play now!

New game: Georgia O'Keeffe Art Transformation

arts game for kids: Georgia O'Keeffe Art Transformation

Georgia O'Keeffe needs to use colored paintbrushes to transform skulls into flowers and then advance to the next level - 21 levels in total! How far can you go? Play Now!

Arts Adventures in Newark, NJ

Sculpture titled Wars of America by Gutzon Borglum in Military Park in Newark

"Wars of America" by Gutzon Borglum, situated alongside a "hidden sword," by the same sculptor who worked on Mount Rushmore. Read more ...

New Game: Pompidou Modern Art Hangman

art history hangman game featuring modern art from the Pompidou in Paris

Art History hangman game featuring modern art from the Pompidou in Paris. Play Now!

New Game: Girl with a Pearl Earring Breakout!

Vermeer Girl with Pearl Earring Breakout Arcade Game

Arcade style game with the Vermeer masterpiece - Play Now! (works best on a desktop or laptop due to game size)

New item! The Fractal Drawing Game

Create infinite amounts of designs with the Fractal Drawing Game

Interactive art tool allows you to create endless abstract art images. Play now!

Anamorphic art by Salvador Dali

a look at anamorphic art by Salvador Dali

See how Dali uses anamorphic optical illusions to create multiple portraits hidden within this art work. Read more ...

An introduciton to the original Fun Books series

Check out our series of Vintage Fun Book Games.

a look at stop action photography by Dr. Harold Edgerton of M.I.T.

Faster than a speeding bullet: the stop-action photography of Dr. Harold Edgerton.

The Abstract Expressionist Battleground Arcade Game

arcade style arts game for kids featuring Abstract Expressionist painters

Arcade-style game featuring Abstract Expressionist painters

Arts Adventures in Jersey City

Katyn Memorial in Jersey City

Come with us as we check out the Katyń Memorial in Jersey City.

Gallery Insider

Play the Graffiti Game, where you tag walls in New York City

Avoid detection and write graffiti in NYC - 5 levels!

Click here to play now!

Video trailer: The Sandpainting Game

Click here to play now!

Art Amongst the Dead and Buried

view of the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris

Exploring the Cemetiere du Montparnasse in Paris and seeing amazing sculptures alongside the gravestones. Read more ...

Picasso & the birthplace of Cubism

Picasso studio Le Bateau Lavoir, home of cubism

A look at Le Bateau Lavoir, the studio in Montmartre (Paris) where Picasso invented cubism, seen both when Picasso worked there and now.

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Art History Hangman

art history hangman game called Art Recognition

How well do you know your famous artists? Click the image above to play now!

Funny versions of famous paintings

A fun video with references to many famous paintings

How many famous paintings can you identify in this quirky video?

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