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New game: Search for Picasso

arts game for kids: Search for Picasso

Take a virtual walk through Montmartre looking for Picasso's studio, with a whole cast of characters as part of the journey ...

Architectural Marvels in New York City

56 Leonard Street condo building promo shot

A look at the "Jenga tower," properly known as 56 Leonard in Tribeca. Read more ...

art lesson featuring Sonny Rollins and Salvador Dali

An art project using inspiration from tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins and artist Salvador Dali.

Click here to hear the music and get inspired to make art!

Arts Adventures in Paris

torn posters on a billboard in the Republique Metro Station

Seeing torn posters on all of the billboards at the République Metro Station and making a comparison to the work of Jacques de la Villeglé. Read more ...

watch art handlers at the Met move a 3-ton sculpture.
art game for kids featuring Hieronymus Bosch
enigmatic street art

Gallery Insider

Montmartre Graffiti Match Game

A match game featuring images of street art and graffiti from the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris.

Click here to play this game!

An introduciton to the original Fun Books series

Check out our series of Vintage Fun Book Games.

Video trailer: The Sandpainting Game

Click here to play now!

Picasso & the birthplace of Cubism

Picasso studio Le Bateau Lavoir, home of cubism

A look at Le Bateau Lavoir, the studio in Montmartre (Paris) where Picasso invented cubism, seen both when Picasso worked there and now.

Click here to see more ...

how artists portray the weather in their art

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