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Picasso arts game for kids
(Please note: this game currently works best on desktop computers, due to its screen size)

As we relaunch, we have a number of new features to share with you, including:

*Looking at sculpture in the round ... if more people did this at the Louvre, they'd realize that the Winged Victory of Samothrace is covered in dust in the back!

*Amazing flexible sculptures by the artist Li Hongbo ... they look like they're made of marble, but they have an accordian effect because they're carved out of a stack of bound paper ... you have to see it to believe it.

*The Composer and Musician Name Scramble Game - try to guess the famous composer or musician's name based on the letters provided and unscramble it.

*Our new Videos page, where we curate a selection of interesting arts-related videos.

*A revamp of our Coloring Pages, a collection of art history-inspired coloring pages ready to print and color.

*Can you help Monet's Frog make it through the waterlillies without drowning? Play Monet's Frog Game now!

... and much more! Check back often, as we'll be making more updates and additions to the site every day! If you'd like to get quick updates on when we add new features to the site, simply subscribe to our RSS feed.

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Scroll down to see more of our newly-released features ...

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New Releases at Artsology:

Miles Davis jazz album cover art

Miles Davis Album Art

Miles Davis' creativity extended beyond his music ... his jazz album cover art was pretty amazing too. He recorded over a hundred albums in his career, so he had a lot of album covers that needed art and design. We've selected 20 of our favorites to give you an introduction to his album cover art. Click here or on the image to see more!

a basketball card of Manute Bol and paintings by El Greco

Manute Bol and El Greco

Who would have ever thought that a basketball card could initiate a visual connection to the paintings of El Greco? Let's see if you follow my train of thought here and agree with my comparisons of a Manute Bol basketball card from 1991 and an El Greco painting from 1614.

Click here or on the image to read more.

wacky performance art pieces taking place in NYC

Performance Art in NYC

A visit to NYC, walking around and visiting various art galleries, finds us in the midst of several performance art pieces. One includes an actor playing the role of Jean-Michel Basquiat painting in the streets of New York, and a group of paint-splattered people lifting other people up into the air. What's going on here? Click here or on the image to read more.

Gallery Insider with Hiroshi Sugimoto

Gallery Insider: Hiroshi Sugimoto at Pace Gallery

The Gallery Insider visits "Sea of Buddha," an exhibition of photographs and video by the Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto at Pace Gallery in New York. The Gallery Insider allows teachers and students to utilize contemporary art gallery exhibitions for in-classroom discussions including a series of essential questions about the show. Click here or on the image to read more.

The Op Art Stack Jam Game

The Op Art Stack Jam Game

Stack up the Op Art paintings to clear them before the board fills up with more Op Art! It's a crazy race to move things around without getting trapped! Click here or on the image to play now!

The Surrealist Frogger Game

Surrealist Frogger

Surrealist Frogger, the classic arcade game but with Surrealist art! Our customized Frogger game finds our friendly frog having to dodge Salvador Dali's melting clocks, monsters by Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain," and jump on Magritte's Apple Man, and much more! Click here or on the image to play now!

The Cubist Challenge Game, a print-and-play board game featuring Picasso and Braque

The Cubist Challenge Game

One of our newest Printables, The Cubist Challenge Game is a print-and-play board game that allows two players to play as Picasso and Braque, racing to become a cubist master. Click here or on the image to see more ...