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Graffiti Artist Game
Check out our new game: Graffiti Artist: New York. Click the image above to play now!

(This game is just for fun; Artsology does not encourage illegal graffiti)

Top 5 Arts Games for Kids this week:

  1. The Sand Painting Game
  2. Graffiti Artist: New York
  3. Matisse Hangman
  4. The Picasso Portrait Pop Game
  5. Surrealist Frogger

Top 5 Arts Investigations this week:

  1. Art and Emotion: How Artists Portray Emotion
  2. Francis Picabia's Dadaist Inventions
  3. Native American Indian Rock Art
  4. Motion in Art: How Artists Portray Motion
  5. African Mask for the King of Benin tells a story

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New Releases at Artsology:

My Claude Monet Light Experiment

My Monet Experiment

After looking at Claude Monet's Haystack paintings, we decided to do our own "Monet Light Experiment." We chose a simple object in our backyard - a bush - and photographed it six different times during the day to see how the light might change the appearance.

Click here or on the image to see more!

Picasso Portraits Pop Game

Picasso Portraits Pop Game

Play the Pablo Picasso Portraits Pop Game! Propel the portrait head up into the group of Picasso portraits and match them up to clear the board!

Click here or on the image to play now!

Keith Haring Pinball

Keith Haring Pinball

Play the Keith Haring Pinball Game! The game requires arrow keys in order to use the flippers and ball launcher, so it plays best on a desktop or laptop computer.

Click here or on the image to play now!

art by Ivan Navarro at the Armory Show in Artsology's Gallery Insider

Gallery Insider: Ivan Navarro

Come To Daddy, 2015, is a mixed media sculpture by Chilean artist Iván Navarro. This piece was on view at the Galerie Daniel Templon booth at The 2016 Armory Show, and the Gallery Insider provides background information on both the artist and the mixed media art work.

Click here or on the image to see more!

compare and contrast art lesson featuring Pablo Picasso and Gary Erbe

Compare and Contrast Art Lesson

Compare and Contrast Art Lesson featuring paintings of musicians by Pablo Picasso and Gary Erbe.

Click here or on the image to read more.

Gallery Insider with Hiroshi Sugimoto

Gallery Insider: Hiroshi Sugimoto at Pace Gallery

The Gallery Insider visits "Sea of Buddha," an exhibition of photographs and video by the Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto at Pace Gallery in New York. The Gallery Insider allows teachers and students to utilize contemporary art gallery exhibitions for in-classroom discussions including a series of essential questions about the show. Click here or on the image to read more.

The Op Art Stack Jam Game

The Op Art Stack Jam Game

Stack up the Op Art paintings to clear them before the board fills up with more Op Art! It's a crazy race to move things around without getting trapped! Click here or on the image to play now!

The Surrealist Frogger Game

Surrealist Frogger

Surrealist Frogger, the classic arcade game but with Surrealist art! Our customized Frogger game finds our friendly frog having to dodge Salvador Dali's melting clocks, monsters by Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain," and jump on Magritte's Apple Man, and much more! Click here or on the image to play now!

The Cubist Challenge Game, a print-and-play board game featuring Picasso and Braque

The Cubist Challenge Game

One of our newest Printables, The Cubist Challenge Game is a print-and-play board game that allows two players to play as Picasso and Braque, racing to become a cubist master. Click here or on the image to see more ...