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Hey! Artsology has a new look! We're in the process of overhauling the site, making it mobile-friendly and stripping it down to a simple and clean look. It's going to be a process - it's not so easy to change the look of 12 years' worth of our arts education resources all at once, so we're rolling it out in waves. But it's giving us the opportunity to release some new materials and keep moving forward while bringing the old classics up to date.

a father and son mimicking the pose of a Joel Shapiro sculpture at the Met

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With this new roll-out, we will have a number of new features being introduced in the coming months, including:

*A lot more of our Gallery Insider features, taking you into contemporary art galleries in NYC.

*More of our Art & Jazz series, which includes art lessons based on jazz compositions.

*Coming soon ... a section devoted to Printables! (coloring pages, mazes, games, all available as printable PDFs)

*Also coming soon - a creative writing section, with very unusual images as the starting point for your interesting stories.

... and much more! Check back often, as we'll be making more updates and additions to the site every day!

We also have a new business opportunity for those of you who might want to market your art - or your arts-related products and services - to the Artsology audience, currently numbering around 60,000 visitors per month! For more information, please check out our introduction to the upcoming Marketplace!

Scroll down to see some of our newly-released features ...

New Releases at Artsology:

art by Leonardo da Vinci and James Capper

Leonardo da Vinci and James Capper: Sculptures, Machines, Tools, and Art

Leonardo da Vinci the artist was also Leonardo the inventor, creating ideas for machines and tools. We want to introduce you to a contemporary artist - James Capper - who specifically makes machines and tools as his art. Click the link or image to see more ...

art by Vik Muniz

Gallery Insider: Vik Muniz

Our "Gallery Insider" series takes you into an exhibition of photographs by Vik Muniz, which took place at the Sikkema, Jenkins & Co. Gallery in NYC. The show is titled "Album," and consists of images which - at first glance - appear to be typical pictures that one might find in an old family photo album. Viewing these works from a distance, they appear to capture a single moment, but walking up close to the pieces reveals that they are constructed with hundreds if not thousands of smaller photographs and photographic details. Click the link or image to see more ...

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