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Friday, February 5th, 2016: Please note, we experienced some technical difficulties this week and had to move the Artsology site. If you are unable to find a feature or game here on Artsology which you've enjoyed in the past, please bear with us as we work to put everything back in place.

We're taking advantage of this opportunity to launch a number of new features and activities, so please make sure to check back on a regular basis to see all of the new offerings!

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As we relaunch, we have a number of new features to share with you, including:

*An introduction to Native American Indian Rock Art, with pictures that we took in Utah and an explanation of the difference between pictographs and petroglyphs.

*Play the Magritte Mini Golf game, using your golf putter to tap your surrealist apples into the golf hole (requires Flash/desktop browser).

*The Art & Jazz series, which includes art lessons based on jazz compositions.

... and much more! Check back often, as we'll be making more updates and additions to the site every day! If you'd like to get quick updates on when we add new features to the site, simply subscribe to our RSS feed.

Scroll down to see more of our newly-released features ...

New Releases at Artsology:

The Cubist Challenge Game, a print-and-play board game featuring Picasso and Braque

The Cubist Challenge Game

One of our newest Printables, The Cubist Challenge Game is a print-and-play board game that allows two players to play as Picasso and Braque, racing to become a cubist master. Click here or on the image to see more ...

art by Jackson Pollock and music by Dizzy Gillespie

Art & Jazz: Dizzy Gillespie, Be Bop and All-Over painting

In this installment of our "Art & Jazz" series, we compare the fast-paced jazz composition "Be Bop" to the all-over abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock, and invite you to create your own "all-over" art work while listening to Dizzy Gillespie. Click the link or image to see more ...

art by Leonardo da Vinci and James Capper

Leonardo da Vinci and James Capper: Sculptures, Machines, Tools, and Art

Leonardo da Vinci the artist was also Leonardo the inventor, creating ideas for machines and tools. We want to introduce you to a contemporary artist - James Capper - who specifically makes machines and tools as his art. Click the link or image to see more ...

art by Vik Muniz

Gallery Insider: Vik Muniz

Our "Gallery Insider" series takes you into an exhibition of photographs by Vik Muniz, which took place at the Sikkema, Jenkins & Co. Gallery in NYC. The show is titled "Album," and consists of images which - at first glance - appear to be typical pictures that one might find in an old family photo album. Viewing these works from a distance, they appear to capture a single moment, but walking up close to the pieces reveals that they are constructed with hundreds if not thousands of smaller photographs and photographic details. Click the link or image to see more ...

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